Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision, at The Adventist Church of The Woodlands, is to create a church that is a safe place for anyone and everyone.  If you are hurting, you will find hope and help.  If you have have doubts and questions, it is safe to ask and talk.  If you are struggling with addictions and sin, you will find support, encouragement and love. We are not limited by gender, by race, or by socioeconomic tiers.

We want to truly be the family of God. Loving God and each other.  We are connected by more than one hour once a week.  In our community, people regularly get together to socialize, to eat together, to study together and pray together.

Our gatherings are marked by love and encouragement.  People pray with one another and seek to out do each other in acts of love and service. We believe that Jesus is returning soon and we seek to live out His Commandments of Love God with all our being and love our Neighbor as our selves.

It is in this environment that God can transform us and our community to reflect His character.  And we will fight to maintain this.

If this is the type of community you are looking for, we invite you to take the next step.  Come join us for worship one week and check us out.