Remove the Sorrow?

Remove the Sorrow?

Life in this fallen world is full of pain and sorrow. It is not part of God’s desire for our world, but it is the result of our rebellion against His rule.   What gets you through the difficult moments in life?  Where do you turn for comfort when life is painful?

There are many different ways humanity has found to cope with pain. It can range from mind altering substances, inflicting pain on others (either physical or emotional), philosophy, denial or even the extreme of suicide. There are times that we do not even realize that our psyche is trying to cope with the pain and sorrow we have experienced.

For many, religion provides comfort and peace. We turn to our religious experience to find answers and ways to deal with what we face. Yet sometimes we are let down by our theology. A theology which can only provide superficial answers quickly falls flat when hit with the real challenges of life. It sounds good until the moment you come face to face with reality and realize that all the things you have said do not amount to anything.

I believe that God allows these moments in our life to shake us. It takes these moments to show us our weakness and we have several options in a split second, accept and admit our frailty, running to Him or cling to what has let us down and trying harder to make it reality or just rejecting Him completely.

His desire in these moments is for us to run to Him.  To realize our weakness and His strength.  To remove any pretense we have in our minds of our own ability and be able to rest solely in His providence.  His purpose is for us to more fully rest in Him.

In my life He continues to unwrap my pretense like an onion ever revealing to me how I depend more on myself than on Him.  It hurts, but I am thankful that He loves me enough to allow me to see myself in this way.  I am learning to count it all joy. I am learning to lean into the pain and the sorrow because it is there I find a greater experience with God.